Super Hero in the Making

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May 30, 2012 by Dropped Ink

This question was seriously posed to me as an essay topic when I was in the 12th grade. Mrs. Muhall a small woman with white hair and glasses was my 12th grade English teacher: we had just finished reading Beowulf and learning about his greatness. Beowulf later became a favorite when I went to college and matured as a reader because in high school I had no appreciation for the story, the beauty or the lessons it was offering.Mrs. Muhall posed the super hero question as a way to see if we could relate to Beowulf and understand that with great power comes great responsibility. I didn’t get it. Missed the whole point of the assignment. I wanted x-ray vision, flying abilities complete with cape, super strength to pound all the deserving snot boxes: super speed because I was always late and hated taking public transportation, still do: mind reading, I saw a very lucrative 1-800 number in my future. Have I illustrated and made my point obvious? This question and memory made a reappearance after I saw The Avengers. So, if I were a super hero what powers would I have and how would I use them? Well I already am a super hero and I already have powers. Please don’t furrow your brows. I promise I’m not a whack job. By the way, you’re a super hero too. Yeah I said it! We all in some way are heroic and possess some ability that sets us apart from the person on our right and our left. If you didn’t know the super heroes we have come to know and love, are representations of everyday men and women.

I mean what would a super hero in normal society resemble? Kick-Ass? Or would he or she be from some outer universe that we only know about because of Morgan Freeman? Hero’s are made. They may be born with all the right “stuff” but they must go through some sort of trial, tribulation, or test to transform themselves into using the worthy title of hero. If I were a super hero I would simply have heart. Heart sometimes conquers things bigger than yourself. Heart pushes you to do more than the average person would ever consider doing. How many times have you fallen down and had to re-lick reopened wounds? I’m currently licking now and slowly coming into who I may potentially become. Life is our biggest test yet our greatest journey. Every person has what they need to conquer, inspire, and achieve what their destiny has in store for them. The problem only arises when we do not accept the challenge. Mediocrity is comforting and familiar if you allow it to be. All the fancy costumes and abilities are just things that are on the inside reflected on the outside. My costume is pretty fancy and elaborate. Probably to elaborate to fight in or get dirty. Take a moment and introduce yourself to your super hero.


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