Is society designed to kill THE DREAMER???!!!!


June 10, 2012 by Dropped Ink

The Dreamer begins the slow descent into death the moment the checklist starts being followed.

The Checklist…

1. Graduated college

2. Met a viable/ lovable mate

3. Landed great job (maybe)

4. Brought car

5. Brought house

6. Had kids

7. .. tookafamilyvactionstuggledalittlegota401kgotapoolmaybestayedmarriedmaybegotadivorce…

So when did you follow your dream of becoming:

An Artist

A Writer

A champion athlete

Catching the stars

Life has a way of happening as we are all aware of. It has a way of consuming your every thought and gesture. Yet, it would be an injustice to not be an active participant in life’s many wonders. (That’s a whole blog post for another day.) Do we engage in these things because they are innately engineered within us or do we do these things because society has programmed us to believe we must? Furthermore, if society programs us to believe that we must engage in these life milestones in order to be “living life” how did we come so easily let our dreams go when dreams are so essential to being human?

I suppose the question isn’t if we let go so much as pushed our dreams back in favor of other things that were more attainable. Following a dream can become an all consuming task depending on the level of engagement of The Dreamer. As children we are allowed to dream of unicorns, fairies, and super heroes: encouraged to embrace them as truth because they build a certain reality in our child like world. Of course there are those children who embrace more grown-up ideas, like becoming police officers and doctors. They have already wrapped their young brains around the fact that fairies and unicorns are not real and the man in the moon is nothing more than an idea. As we grow many of us realize that we have talents and ideas about how to make the world better or how to express ourselves in a way that will touch people. The dream of reaching masses and the idea that you could do something that is beyond your physical self becomes so huge that you enter young adulthood with the the hopeless optimism that you can and will reach it.

Can you? I don’t mean this to sound as if achieving a dream is unattainable. For some people their dreams are fairly simple yet set as high enough goals they feel once they have reached them they are well earned.

Society encourages people to dream yet they discourage it in the multi-layered design of what has come to be understood as life. The acquisition of asset is key if you intend to leverage yourself in accumulating wealth, a mate, and security.



So is society designed to kill The Dreamer ?


I say no because there are people who chase the dream and catch it. They either allow it to consume them are find a healthy balance between dream life and society life. I do believe that dreams and goals worked for will provide a payoff. All the things that people obsess about come with the hard work. No dream chasing goes unnoticed.


10 thoughts on “Is society designed to kill THE DREAMER???!!!!

  1. Nicole says:

    This is one of the reasons I teach special education. You know,the kids that people either try to ignore or remove from a main building. I love the kids that refuse to kiss my ass and challenge me. (There are also days I do not love it, but I’m human too.) I always have to think outside the box and try to reign them in and they fight back.
    I live in a place where cats lay eggs and hens chase mice. Its not always easy, and my students inspire me where the bosses who don’t get it wear me down. Every year when I reflect on my teaching skills, I find that I have gotten better and accomplished things that some teachers are only scratching the surface on. I also am able to count my small victories everyday.

    • Dropped Ink says:

      🙂 Good outlook Nicole.

    • Tracey Weatherby says:

      Wow, being an art teacher is the same thing. Gaining the respect of the students (small victory). Winning over everyone to the fact that art is worth while and helps students gain a creative edge. Dealing with adults that don’t understand why art is so important. And rinse and wash and dry and do over. Anyway, when student artwork is stellar and wins awards that is priceless for promoting the arts.

      • Dropped Ink says:

        Thanks for the comment Tracey. I also get pretty annoyed/enraged when people don’t understand the importance of art. Imagination and expression of it are helpful in problem solving.

  2. Good one. My dreamer is canoodling with the worms. Each item on that list is like a damn bullet.

  3. I too believe in chasing one’s dreams but at the same time not losing grounding with the real world.

    • Dropped Ink says:

      I have to agree that you can not lose yourself but at the same time you some times must let yourself go to really create that great “?”…..whatever it may be. The risk is what makes achieving the dream so worth it. Thanks for commenting 🙂

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