Are We Good Engineers?

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June 18, 2012 by Dropped Ink

I went to see Prometheus Saturday night and lets just say when the credits rolled I sat in silence. This post may be a spoiler, I promise not to divulge major plot points (*snicker) or details. The movie did raise a question for me. As engineers (relation to art in some form) do we have the right to destroy what we have created because it disappoints us or we do not see the beauty in it?

How many times have you written a story, actually finished it with excited glee, and  put it away for later review only to come back to it and decide it is absolutely horrid and you toss it away?  Heinous!  I raise my hand. Or who has drawn something and taken care with every line construction and color choice only to tear it up or scribble across the front? I find I am most vulnerable to this behavior after I have seen someone else’s  work in the same medium and deem theirs  better. Are we selfish engineers? Do we lack faith that we have made the right creative choices?  I think it is a strong possibility.

The written word is beautiful. Without it these epic movies, great plays, and brilliant actors would have nothing. The mind of a writer is as complex as…..the galaxy. Artist in general are a complex group. We are all big planets and our work  orbit us like moons. We really shouldn’t reject it because we see nothing but flaws in it. Flaws are can be corrected into greatness. The destruction of an entire story or novel is like killing of a small planet and all it’s inhabitants. Those characters had voices and lives that we created. Them not meeting our expectations is really a reflection of what we may have failed to do as engineers.  Look for the beauty in everything you create. Focus on that one thing and work from that point to reorganize or restructure your creation. As engineers it is our duty to solve complex problems and provide workable brilliant solutions. Not to quit and begin from scratch because we believe that nothing more than failure has been created. I am sure that everyone has heard the phrase “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. That does not just apply to the physical beauty of a person.  Give your work a chance. Trust me some things are just plain bad. I have engineered quite a few things that could not be saved and simply shot completely out of my reach. I have even gotten serious confirmation of this before I let go and went back to black.

We do not have a right to destroy the things we create. We have a duty to nurture them and respect them as creative extensions of ourselves.


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