Google will TAKE OVER your imagination….


June 28, 2012 by Dropped Ink

So the new Google Glasses are ready for the world. They boast the ability to run video, take pictures and provide audio all from the perspective of the user. So is it narcissism to pay 1500.00 for this lightweight gadget all so you can share your point of view or is it just plain cool? I hear the hater hiss….I do but fret not Google gadget loving friends: I love technology and I think these are the coolest things I’ve seen in a while. This does not mean I want to own a pair. What this means is that I am savvy enough to know that I am not that interesting and I simply don’t think I do cool things that people would care about. Although, I bet if I set some music to my scooping out the cat litter box and wore the glasses I could make people think that I was the craziest coolest poop scooper in the world. In having a gadget like this and many other things that put us in a clicks reach to someone else world I have to ask have we lost the ability to use our imaginations to tell stories?

It seems everything we take in these days is rooted in reality and imagination is an afterthought or some mundane interpretation that is tied to the reality. I am floored at times by the amount of reality television shows that flood our idiot boxes (televisions, I love television). The History Channel makes me pretty sad because it no longer teaches me any history but I do know about logging, ice road trucking, and swamp people. Mind you,  there are people who have no idea who Nancy Pelosi or Abraham Lincoln is. Some even think old Abe really was fighting those pesky vampires. As humans have we lost our ability to insert the magic in our stories to make them sparkle? Do we need to be so rooted in reality that we become narcissist?

I have to say yes. I have to. It is not often that we get things that are totally rooted in fantasy. I think that is one of the elements that made Harry Potter so great. All those wonderful characters and beast sprang from J.K Rowlings imagination, Google glasses not used. She took time to see the world she lived in as some place else and the things and people around her from a different perspective. The fantastical is around us, in every blink if you take the time to pull our glasses up and see the world for more than just the concrete tangible place that we allow ourselves to interpret it to be. I meet new spies, kung-fu masters, aliens, talking trees, power lifting ants, ship wrecked bumble bees and car surfing ants every day. Look past yourself to see the possibilities the world can offer. Let go of reality and let your imagination wow you for a little bit.


One thought on “Google will TAKE OVER your imagination….

  1. Yeah, technology is great–when it works!–but I personally don’t see much use for the glasses… at least, not yet.

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