The American Dream is Dead…..Or is it Just repackaged?


July 4, 2012 by Dropped Ink

So I was sitting talking with my bestie and we were engaging in our usual giggle fest until she hit upon the article detailing the changes to student loans. After several moments of squealing and head shaking we lamented for the one thousandth time……the American Dream is Dead and I will be her life long roommate, even after she and her fiance are married.  Sucks! So I continued to think about how the American Dream was once a Norman Rockwell picture: happy families, wholesomeness encased in perfect homes and white picket fences. Now we inhabit urban jungles, solar paneled dwellings, HGTV inspired DIY homes.  The idea and face of family has changed not to mention people’s attitudes toward it. This generation and the many to follow us will have to accept the fact that being a citizen of the world is okay and being the most educated person in the soup kitchen line will always lead to extra bread and the good table. So with what seems like hopeless statistics and bleak outcomes what do you do? N

We live in a world where for some strange reason everyone’s opinion matters and can even generate revenue. Technology advances and changes faster than any child possibly could. A baby learns to turn its head and slide those fat little fingers across a screen. The dream has evolved into a philosophers idea and an opportunist dream. For some living in the middle of a desert helping a sub Saharan village become self-sustaining has become just as rewarding as having a reality show where poor behavior has become a talent. When I read about the payouts that….I dont even know what to call those Jersey Shore/ Bad Girls people….get it makes me want to punch my mother clean in her nose for instilling such good manners in me. Who knew fist pumping, screwing and fighting would pay so well for non actors.  Anyway, the world has become a place where instant fame is on the tips of everyone’s fingers and the ability to provide food for the consumption of the masses  is rewarded handsomely.

The Repackage

Dreams change, grow, and come true. The dreams of this generation still hold the idea of wealth accumulation but our addendum are endless, seemingly with each day a new one is added. Our opportunity lies in our creativity and the ability to live in the moment. Technology has provided a highway for people who don’t know you and otherwise could care less about to become engaged in your every thought. Your dream has to be meaningful to you and your bootstraps are yours to pull just like that bull is yours to take by the horns. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the hard work aspect and the belief in one’s self. Take that dream and figure out how you can make it a reality. Now I have used  the word “dream” quite a bit but let me make it clear( I know I am late in my clarifying) that it is not just related to the arts but anything that holds meaning to you heart. So if climbing Everest is you dream and you want to document your struggle to get there, you better get on Kickstarter and make a compelling argument about why strangers should give you money. If you have the best natural hair and fashion tips then Youtube had better be your home. If bad “personality” is you unique quality then you better pitch that reality series with conviction. The repackage of the dream is really the only way that we can survive in an ever evolving culture.

Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving


One thought on “The American Dream is Dead…..Or is it Just repackaged?

  1. Nicole says:

    The American Dream means different things to different people. I have grown up here. I do not know what it means to go hungry, die from an illness that could be easily treated, or forced into an unwanted marriage.
    The layers need to be peeled back and you need to get to roots of what being an American means. I live in a country where I (as a woman) can go to school. If I do not like my leaders, I can mock them openly and curse them out. I can even burn my flag. Student loans are a creation from a society of have and have nots. Its just another way to separate people. We as Americans can complain, fight against it, and even blog about it and not be censored. I am a third generation American born from immigrants that were escaping things that I may never even have to come in contact with. For all of the complaining that I am very capable of doing, I love the country that I live in and will defend it. Mostly because I know that I am always capable of changing what I don’t like.

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