Why Aren’t Writers Rock Stars?

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July 6, 2012 by Dropped Ink

So I sat and watched some of my favorite cooking shows ( idiot box alert-no writing happening) and started to wonder, why aren’t writers rock stars? I’m just saying-IJS…. We are cool people. Aren’t we? Our words have inspired some of pop cultures biggest crazes. Hello….Hogwarts, Lord of the Rings. Books and reading are and for a long time have been associated with being geeky, crazy cat ladies and people who lack social prowess. The stereotypes do live on in movies and sometimes among our precious written words. It amazes me that chefs have become these awesomely cool people who show us how to fry cheese and put some tasty sauce on top that they guarantee will wow our family and friends. Rock stars have long been associated with rock musicians who gyrate themselves across the stage in unique ways. Writers are often seen as highly educated, brooding, drinkers who only consume themselves with all things associated with the written word…NOT!!!!

I do love my drinks…well I do. I also love stiletto heels, leather jackets, funky bags and over the top eye shadow. I love partying until the sun comes up and riding/driving fast in luxury cars. I can tell a joke that makes everyone laugh…even the people that didn’t hear it. I love cute boys….very cute boys. I walk in stores and people find me so infectious that they want to give me things or just be near me. I can tell you how to organize those words in your head to get your girlfriend back, that job to give you a second interview, or a professional way to say_ _ _K you. Rockstars learned how to be cool from me, from us. The characters of a writer can drive people to want to emulate those persona in real life, Tyler Durden…do I really need more. How many people do you know that can speak elvish? My best friend wore a Hogwarts pin ans scarf to a Harry Potter premier.  Bridgette Jones allowed us all to feel okay about being a little chubby and getting the cute guy and now Christian Grey has set the bar for the men in our lives. Who knew we were so inhibited. Sookie Stackhouse makes us all want to live in the bayou of Bon Temps. So when you pose in that photo for the back of your book be sure to put your Rockstar on.


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