Circus Kids -People Watch #3


July 15, 2012 by Dropped Ink

Sorry I ‘m late with this, I wasn’t sure I would see anyone that piqued my interest this week and luckily I did.

Person watched: Guy asleep in a chair. He has on a white wife beater black basketball shorts and tattoos cover his legs and arms…like sleeves and socks.

We live in a time where every thing is new and there isn’t anything money can’t buy. I mean anything. People aren’t people but rather ramped up over sexed versions of themselves: we call them “Codes”. Everyone thought that we would have flying cars and cities under glass domes on planets in distant galaxies. Some of it is true, we live in a world of freaks and I am one more freak in it. We made contact some fifty years ago and it was pretty messy before we all settled in for the ride. Everybody has pretty much chosen their packs, colonies or what have you. Me, I’m Barnum, a circus kid and I will be your guide through the new world.

My story is not simple or easy. The ending is not happy. No this isn’t a spoiler, just my point of view. While I am a master of illusion I don’t mystify myself when it comes to the reality of situations. It all began in 2012 when the disasters were just getting started. Tornadoes, wildfires, earthquakes, tsunamis, you name it, it happened. Everybody was arguing with everybody. Our world leaders were not held in the highest regard. The world was slowly spiraling out of control. Wars were brewing and people were tired of it all. Fast forward 10 years. Japan was gone, completely wiped off the map. It was unreal the number of natural disaster that hit them in such a short time. There were survivors but not many. Nuclear war was not a threat but a reality and a series of major health epidemics had spread across major continents. Populations were reduced to near extinction. People became afraid of one another. Then the Doctor was born. The government had fallen by this time and wars were going on across the fifty states to determine who would lead the people. The Doctor offered the promise of the perfect human who would never fail us. Who would always be intelligent enough to lead and make the best choices. Higher Beings, as they came to be known. It all seemed like it was working the wars stopped. People got sick less and there was food. Then the women stopped getting pregnant. The children that were born were different, unnatural. They grew at accelerated rates and learned things faster than a normal person ever could. They were the beginning of the non-human. The human or “Gods Hand” as they called themselves lived in a colony outside the town. They grew their own food and made their own clothing, they considered themselves completely independent. Now my people the Circus Kids.

We are not born naturally. Products of the Intelligents, unfortunately we are flawed merchandise. We’re smart but not enough. Prone to the most undesirable of human traits, lacking in high level thinking, basically we are the epitome of con men and women, criminals: highly sexual beings who will use sex or any other tool in our arsenal to win our victim over.

Most Circus Kids are covered in what everyone else sees as tattoos but they are really what separate us from one another. I was lifed by Jules, his family is the wealthiest and most skilled among the Kids. We organize all the shows and write the best swerve programs out. Swerve programs? I’ll explain those later they have a purpose that you don’t need to concern yourself with just yet.

End….For Now

So that is what I came up with for the guy I saw. I think I should say that none of these stories or short burst of imaginative thought are organized or sketched out prior to me getting on WordPress. I literally see a person think up a fitting story byline then don’t come back to it until I am ready to post. So if they seem rough or haphazard and disorganized….sorry. They are honestly written with the thoughts that come to me as I write them. Until next time


6 thoughts on “Circus Kids -People Watch #3

  1. Nicole says:

    If you’re Barnum, I’m Dante.

  2. Tracey Weatherby says:

    Well, I have to compliment your writing. It has a Ray Bradbury edge to it. I would like to read more.

    • Dropped Ink says:

      Thank you Tracey. I have actually been toying with the idea of expanding this into a little more. Of course my biggest obstacle is me so we shall see. I am glad you liked it.

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