You broke my heart while eating chicken…and got hot sauce in my eyes

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July 18, 2012 by Dropped Ink


Sadness and heartbreak are the two emotions that artist have mused on to create some of their greatest works. What do you do when you haven’t genuinely experienced these emotions? I’ve felt sad and suffered disappointment beyond words but never heartbreak. So how do you tap into that good heartbreak inspiration? Well, you don’t. At least not on an honest level. I personally find myself imagining what those feelings are like. I draw from other peoples inspirations, and stories. Listening is probably one the greatest tools a writer or any artist for that matter can have. The power to truly listen with intensity and earnest engages the storyteller enabling them to relax and tale the story with all the sweet gritty details that make a story good. When was the last time you turned your thoughts off long enough to hear someone else’s words? Music, news, and Maury do not count. Why? Because they are scripted and edited to evoke the right responses. The raw oral passing of a story is unlike anything you could ever appreciate. The plug and buzz mentality is too prominent. My guilt flag flies high daily. I get on my bus in the morning arm for social war: headphones, Nook Color, iPhone, iPod, a journal and a face that any poker player would pay to study. I know it is pretty hard to embrace the crazies who ramble with or without an audience. So please don’t misunderstand my point. Just think about it, what will it hurt to talk to that little old lady who may come into your business or sit near you. She was young once and probably has some tales that would make you smile and blush. I talked to one of my favorite old ladies and found out she had been a widow three times and her husband from Cuba had been her favorite. Take note I am not saying talk to old people exclusively. People of all walks of life are interesting. When you listen to a good story of heartbreak and really allow yourself to open up those emotions and words will touch you. They will bridge you with the storyteller so much so that those feelings will stay with you long after you have left the company of that person. I recall a co-worker who was dumped two weeks before his wedding. I can still see his face and the pain was beyond any pain I had seen anyone display much less attempt to put into words. He was broken and I will never forget his sobs because they were the sobs of genuine heartbreak. The sword has two edges, I hope never to feel heartbreak but yet I hope too. Sadness that deep opens you up to every feeling, you almost develop an appreciation for being able to have lived through such an experience.

Why the title? Well anyone that has fried chicken knows its a laborious process that can sting at every encounter. Sometimes the outcome is good and sometimes not so much. Frying chicken is a skill: somewhat of an art. Kinda like surviving heartbreak. So to have someone break up with you after suffering through the battlefield of chicken frying is pretty devastating then to wipe your eyes and get hot sauce in them…. well! I need not say more. I bid you well in your listening, loving, heartbreaking, chicken frying adventures.


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