The Dog at Petco Ate Me… (Belly of the Beast Part I)

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August 22, 2012 by Dropped Ink

Petco for those that don’t know is a store that specializes in the sale of all things pet. Simply put, simply understood. Yet again my best friend and I were off like wild turkeys in search of food to appease the king and queen known as Pinky and Boots, our cats. Simple enough task, right? No. We walked around for what seemed like ages only to discover that Petco is not where the pets go but rather the dogs and birds: kitties only frequent the joint when they can trick someone into going for them. Therefore, the store only offers a section the size of a small walk- in closet for our sweet feline friends. The Brett Michaels pet clothes even got a higher billing. How the mighty have fallen. After some typical giggling and joke cracking we finally ushered ourselves to the check outline. Our cashier was an older woman who looked like she secretly led covert feral cat feedings on her block. She smile and beckoned us to her window.
“Ladies. How are you today?”
As we attempted to answer she continued to talked and point her rather long smoker stained finger to a clear enclosure that appeared to hold animal toys.
“Would you like to donate a cat or a dog toy ?”
Of course my compadre and I nodded choosing a cat toy to our cashiers relief .
“Put it on the right”
As I went to toss it in her manager scoffed a bit.
“I didn’t know we were separating them.”
“Yeah. I did it last night after closing so people could see how bad the cats were losing.”
She offered us a wink as if we had entered into some sort of secret pact to provide play for kitties every where. I turned in an uncomfortable giggle and survey the other pet parent customers. Low and behold there sat a rather large animal that I suppose was a dog. His mouth stretched across his face housing a cavern of teeth and Jabba the Hutt like tongue. The beast dog sniffed and barked. I attempted a playful animal voice but the beast bore through me with his empty doggy eyes. The monsters owner smiled at me uncomfortably as he shifted from foot to foot while holding a massive bag of dog food.
“He’s very friendly…..really….he is.”
I smiled and leaned in to attempt to communicate with the beast once more and before I realize what happened my head was in the beast dogs mouth and I felt myself sliding. The screams of the onlookers were muffled but not inaudible. I couldn’t help but giggle a bit as heard the beast owner let out a resounding “oh shit”

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