The Dog At Petco Ate Me (Belly of the Beast II)


August 23, 2012 by Dropped Ink


As I slid into the beast belly I felt my bracelet come from my wrist I release an anxious squeal. The fear of losing my precious jewelry was greater than falling into the belly of a dog at the Petco. What can I say it was a gift from my best friend. Please try not to judge me. You see my life up to this point was relatively boring: to be honest I was waiting for it to begin. The influx of friends getting married and having children was glaring. Thanks to Facebook I had constant reminders of my failures and everyone else’s successes. Social media allowed me another form of self-deprecation. I found myself visiting the pages of old classmates trying with the greatest of brain power to figure out what made their lives so wonderful. Wondering of I were prettier or slimmer would the same opportunities have been afforded to me. I was glad when some people defriended me and if I were to see them on the street today I would hug and thank them as if they had given me a kidney. The slide down was as one might imagine, wet, gooey, and stinky. His owner should have been holding dentasticks because the cavernous teeth of this beast were righteous candidates for the fictional doggie dentures. As I fell I couldn’t help but notice there were various things along the throat walls. Most resembled old toys and odd buttons, candy wrappers. But every now and then I caught a glimpse of something abnormal a designer stiletto, acrylic nails, a tea set. I suppose at this point I was falling to slow because the beast let out a resounding burp that washed me in a anesthetic haze. I am almost positive that I blacked out because when I awoke there were two large green eyes staring back at me and some one was faintly calling my name. My best friend Adi was frantic. The panic in her voice was beyond its usual composed nature during a crisis.

“Angie are you alright? Answer me!”

“I stink. I stink really bad”

I could hear her sigh and faintly giggle. I felt myself giggle too. How could I not, I mean really who does this happen to.  The light was not great  but if I shifted just so I could catch a direct beam.

“How can you hear me” I cried out.

“Your bracelet is jammed in his teeth. You and your damn jewelry. ”

The big green eyes began to blink and I realized there was a mouth and whiskers. I think it was the face of a cat.

The beast had a cat head in its belly.

2 thoughts on “The Dog At Petco Ate Me (Belly of the Beast II)

  1. Nicole says:

    OK, How do you get out? Make it believable.

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