Why It All Falls Apart Sometimes…..

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September 6, 2012 by Dropped Ink

Well friends summer is over and it is back to the grind. Time to begin making preparations for winter and all the jubilation and for some misery that can accompany it. For the writer and artist as the season changes so does our perspective and our ideas. During my sporadic absences from blogging I took time to review what I was really doing with my time and myself. What road am I on? When did it diverge onto its current path? Basically how in the hell did I get here? I am finding out that these questions are becoming resoundingly loud with my generation and those that follow.

It All Falls Apart

I decided to review some past things I had written. I will openly admit that I am a great starter. Great beginnings, I can get nearly 50 pages in and then it happens …. I hear the voice…..”this is stupid-no one will read this because it makes no sense”. Have you figured out yet that I’m a terrible finisher. I know that the voice of the pink eyed monster of failure could be quelled if I simply apply some writing structure, tactic and discipline. Can you imagine my face frowning. I promise you it is.  I know just about all the ways to get some good writing out of this noodle of mine. But I still like to write in spurts and inspired imagination. I love writing like I’m a reader. I find it just as exciting that with every page turn and keystroke I am getting the story. It is something about the unknown that is thrilling to me. Unfortunately my thoughts catch up to my pen and I hit the difficult point. The point where the vision is a bit cloudy and the luster doesn’t have that Pledge shine. Then it all falls apart and I throw my hands up. The character voice in my head also stops and then I am stuck in what feels like darkness. So what do I do to get it back? Honestly, nothing. I find when I hit this point I simply can not get back on track and I struggle, crumble, and assemble a search party to try and find the voice that had been spoon feeding me. I can admit that I am coming around about character descriptions and story mapping. My short term goal is not to have it all fall apart so quickly and write like a mature adult. Perhaps I will succeed…..maybe…maybe not…..I promise to try.

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