Life should come with an instructional manual

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October 15, 2012 by Dropped Ink

I began this blog in the summer while the Olympics were going on during which time a bout of inspiration hit me. However, I neglected to finish not to sure if the post was going anywhere. I revisited my draft section and decided to pick this one back up and complete it. I hope you like it.

There are moments in my life when I wish I had a reference material or guide to understanding how to get things done, where I should be, what should I be doing/ or have done.  I generally find these feelings arise when I see people overcoming insurmountable odds or accomplishing things that are just beyond phenomenal. Yes, I have been glue to the television watching the Olympics and yes it has set my crazy writer brain to thinking at a lightening pace.  I often wonder what my life would have been like if I had some obscenely large manual to reference to keep me from the pitfalls that everyone else seems to view as life’s fantastic journey….I frown at that thought. Life is a great journey and mistakes make you wiser but so do reading books. I would read my manual and know it by heart, if there were an apocalypse call me Eli because I would have answers beyond sight.

While I am religious/spiritual and the point can be made that” the Bible is my manual”: I wont argue against this point. There is truth in that belief but now is not the time to make those points. What I want is a manual designed in the key of those complicated electronic devices that we all over indulge in but never read the manuals to, hence there are those of us who cant back-up pictures or retrieve voice-mail six months after having the phone.

I imagine there would be tabs for elementary school survival. The early chapters of course would be pictures because I haven’t learned to read. The the middle school/ high school survival guide are one large chunk. Those formative years can really make an impact on a person during their adult years. The section on college would not require much because well we all know what we did in college and it only needs to address the  ideas of overachieve, choose your partners wisely, drinking and doing the crawl of shame can and will come back to haunt you.  The manual gets tricky after college because at this point you are ready for the work force and you have indeed unwrapped your box of chocolates and you are hoping that you get the best tasting ones. Dating is a section that requires print and pictures and possibly references to a variety of other mediums that will effectively illustrate how to date. I am almost positive I would wear this section out because I find the dating landscape almost as impossible to survive as an Alias mission.  How to handle stress is not in the manual but rather a companion guide because it simply could not be explained in one section.

Why is it not so simple? Because simplicity does not build character and without character you do not have good stories to tell your friends, family, children and co-workers. Character is what comes from the fires of life. Some of us are shiny and walk with a newness and purpose within it.  I suppose the thought of a manual is wildly entertaining and almost tempting to take on in writing one whose point of view would it be told from and who says it is correct. For now I will just dream about having all the answers without riddle or heavy meditation and focus on living life and not hunting for answers. I will apply this thought process to my writing and stop waiting for the perfect idea to come about but dedicate time to the ideas that do come.

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