The Fear that Grips You

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March 12, 2013 by Dropped Ink

Often when trying to write or think about writing I find the the sinking of my stomach and ever growing shadow of fear consuming me. Fear can keep us from so many things. I have found that it consumes my thoughts and often permeate every idea that attempts to make a break for it and race across my mind. Hence leading to the racing thoughts and inability to control any idea into the submission of spreading itself across my blank screen. Fear is a ugly little word and just the mere mention of it gives it so much power. Overcoming it can be a lot tougher than it seems because it disguises its self as so many other things and it sometimes shows up with henchmen. I have found,  or should I say I am finding, that fear is keeping me from achieving a lot of things.  It is silencing my characters and like a true villain it is spreading a darkness across my very being. I am sure that I have written on this topic before but it is a topic worth visiting again and again because every artist struggles with it and many never overcome it. I can’t completely say that I have a clear plan that defeats or aids ins coping with fear. I have been told to believe in your dream because when everything else fails your dream will hold you up. But how can your dream hold you up when you have not defeated the fear that keeps you from feeding it?

Life is funny, not in a humorous sense but in an almost ironic way. There are people who let go of their fear late in life and discover a great success has been waiting on them. There are others who leap at life like a muscled hero wielding a great sword. They fight it with every thing they have and sometimes achieve nothing more than the satisfaction of  sharing their struggles with close friends and family. There are some people who are driven by fear to make something of themselves. Their fear of being inadequate fuels every decision they make forcing them to live three steps before every thought that can or can’t exist. That probably is not the best way to live a life and I have encountered these people and they have confessed to me they consistently worry about not being good enough.

I guess there really is no difference between the paralyzing fear and fear in motion. So what am I saying? I suspect I am not entirely sure. I suppose I just want to let people know they are not alone in the struggle and we are all bound by not just life but the many fears we face on it’s journey.

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