Food, Friends, Love

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July 7, 2013 by Dropped Ink


I had the pleasure recently of reconnecting with a friend I worked with some years ago and it was by far one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had so far this summer. I took the lead and made dinner reservations at a restaurant that  I have frequented many times before and hoped in sharing it my friends too would see how awesomely magical this place is. I was spot on with my choice. Yeah me!! But in sharing this time and moment with them I also rediscovered something I always knew that food, love, and friends make for a good life.

Food doesn’t just feed the body but it nourishes the soul giving it the strength to go on. Now not just any food does this. Those fly by night chain joints simply provide contentment for a savage stomach. What I am talking about is good, well created, artistically wrapped food. Food where you can taste the love and the place that it comes from. The act of eating is not an entitlement or a given right as some of us have come to view it, but rather, a blessing. As we are well aware there are a great many people who do not enjoy this blessing and die form not having the necessity of it. The enjoyment on my friends faces also provided another insight, love. Love is key and not just love of another person but love in general. You have to love something or someone and not a superficial love but with great passion and respect.  I say you “have”, you “must” love because it love helps us to understand how to extend ourselves beyond what we think we understand. The act of love requires more than any other action we could possibly preform. In love there is understanding, sacrifice, and freedom. When you freely hand your heart over to love you are saying I want to see life past what I believed it to be. Disagree if you are so inclined, I will love you just the same.

Friendship is a lot like love. Friends come, friends go but friendship, when it happens is magic. I have been blessed to truly have friends that love me and would gladly give unselfishly of themselves to help me through any situation. I am well aware that there are people who will never have the pleasure experiencing a real friend in all the days of their life. I urge them to not be discouraged and lend yourself as reasonably and selflessly as you can to someone else who may be in need. Sometimes what you are not able to acquire for yourself you can help someone else acquire.  

Sometimes what may seem like a situation with no end in sight is a situation that is bearable because of the food you nourishes yourself with, the friends that surround you and the love you wrap yourself in.

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