InkDrops Publishing

InkDrops Publishing appreciates a good story…
But we love a damn good story.
A good story that wraps you up and stays with you.
A good story that carries you beyond the page to places and people that may or may not exist.
Writing is one of the oldest forms of documentation and expression. Stories were first told by mouth and then immortalized by the written word.
Everyone of us has a book that has impassioned us as readers: bringing about feelings of anger, joy, and maybe inspiration. The power of the written word has not changed simply because the format it is presented upon has evolved.
While on an eReader, do you find yourself mimicking a page turn? If so, it is because the rapture of a good story knows no limitations. In the world of publishing, where limitations are often defined in the traditional format of books, we have forgotten that a good story is not defined by the physical pages or word count, but by its content.
InkDrops Publishing intends to bring the short story and novella to the forefront of reading on a platform where the short stories are told in between the “big” stories.
Our blog Drops of Ink is one of two that will interpret topics that plague our minds and we hope plague yours too.

One thought on “InkDrops Publishing

  1. R. Lynn Harmon says:

    Awesome. I love the introduction to your webpage.

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